People Who Want to Open a Restaurant

By | April 24, 2015

Opening a new restaurant is a risky business venture, but with the right planning, financing, and hard work, you can handle it. Owning a restaurant will be one of the most exciting and rewarding experiences in your life. Then what are you waiting for?

Prepare a plan

1 – Decide on the concept of food. The first thing you should consider if you plan to open the restaurant should be the food concept. Will you open a family-style steak house, top-class French cuisine, or ethnic restaurants that eat fast and serve fast? Having a specific food concept allows your potential customers to get an idea of your restaurant. Determining the concept from the beginning will help you to shape and organize other issues.

Some food concepts: seafood, steak house, family-style restaurants, ethnic restaurants, pizzeria, sandwich shop, coffee house, patisserie, bakery.

Once you have decided on the concept, edit your menu. Don’t worry about prices or recipes and just think about the ones that best reflect the concept you choose. When planning your menu, pay attention to what competitors offer, where to buy the necessary ingredients, the special equipment and special skills you will need when preparing the menu.

2 – Consider the ambiance. The ambiance or atmosphere of the restaurant is another important factor related to the concept. Various factors such as furniture, lighting, crockery, glasses, staff uniforms, music, service, and customers contribute to the ambiance of the restaurant. The ambiance you want to create is very important because it guides the decision-making process.

3 – Plan your service. Your food concept, target audience, and location play a big role in deciding the way you serve. It is important that you decide which category your restaurant will be in, as this distinction will shape your future decisions, such as the need for pricing and employment.

Medium-sized restaurants are among the fast food and top quality restaurants. They offer full service and good quality menus. Salad bars and buffets are examples.

Top-quality restaurants boast great food and high-quality service.

4 – Investigate costs. It is important that you know what the cost of this new initiative will be. Do your homework. Talk to other restaurants and local business owners. Calculate rent, insurance, and license costs. The more information you have, the more financially ready you are.

5 – Make a business plan. Preparing a comprehensive and accurate business plan is the most important component. In fact, the success or failure of your restaurant depends largely on your business plan. So keep in mind that you must prepare it correctly. Your business plan should include.

Menu and outline of potential pricing

Provide financial information as much as possible. Don’t forget to elaborate your initial capital as well as your long-term income and expense estimates.

Information on how to market your restaurant

Outline plans for recruitment, job training, as well as employee retention programs.

We recommend that you include a section on your plan that shows how to deal with the problems and pressures you will encounter on a daily basis as the restaurant owner.

Pay attention to legal requirements, financial planning

Find a place that meets the zoning regulations. It is vital that you research the zoning laws and regulations before deciding on the location of your restaurant. Before signing a lease agreement with the property owner, make sure that the potential property meets the requirements of the relevant agencies.

Restaurant opening conditions:

  • The restaurant will be designed and purpose-built, clean and bright.
  • The restaurant will have ventilation equipment; Heating and ventilation will be done with a suitable stove, heating or air conditioning system.
  • In establishments opened with a single license and having more than one field of activity, the conditions stipulated in the relevant sections shall be sought separately for each branch of activity.
  • Individual workplaces with more than ten employees will have a resting place, changing cabin, separate toilet for men and women. However, if there is a sufficient number of sinks and toilets reserved for common use in places such as business hands, business centers, passageways, stations, terminals, where there are more than one workplace, the condition of the toilet and sink is not required for the establishments opened there.
  • Necessary measures shall be taken for the collection and storage of garbage and similar wastes produced in the restaurant and there shall be a connection to ensure the proper discharge of the wastewater.
  • In the workplaces where food and beverages are sold, stored and serviced, the floors, walls, and surfaces in contact with food can be easily cleaned, washed and disinfected, such as ceramic, marble, stainless steel. ceilings will prevent misting, mold and dirt accumulatio doors shall be easy to clean and, where necessary, to be disinfected. A chimney system will be installed to discharge steam, odor, smoke and similar pollutants formed in the food preparation and cooking section.
  • In order to ensure the safety of employees and customers in the restaurants that do not need to receive a fire department report, precautions shall be taken against fire.
  • 8 – The restaurant will have water connected to the city network, smoking and non-smoking sections will be separated by walls or glass.
  • 9 – The floors and walls of the toilets in the restaurant shall be covered with easy to clean, washable and disinfectable materials such as marble, ceramic and mosaic. Kitchen with a toilet will not be side by side

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