Rules for Finding a Successful Name for Your Company

By | April 30, 2015

The company name allows you to do business on your own. So how to choose a successful company name?

Finding a good company name is not easy. However, it is one of the most important steps in the process of starting a business. Starting out with a weak business name is like playing golf with only one club. Even if you hold some shots you won’t be successful at all.

So how do you find the winning company name? Organize a brainstorming session by bringing your family, friends and/or colleagues together, and work on the following five rules when choosing a company name:

The name of the winning company should be easy to pronounce and keep in mind

Obviously, your potential customers and regular customers need to remember your business name. However, they also need to easily find your company name when looking through phone books, phone books or online resources. So choosing a mixed name is a bad idea. Although it is good to find a unique name, difficult spelling names give you a disadvantage.

The name of the winning company needs a visual element

What comes to your mind when you read a complicated name? Nothing? Most people can’t think of anything when they read mixed business names. Usually, we make physical connections that cause images to appear when we read or hear a name. Combining a visual with a business name is both a powerful advertising tool and helps customers remember your company name.

So the company name must have a strong visual element.

The name of the winning company must make a positive connotation:

Most of the words have both side meaning (emotional) and plain meaning. Word associations should be positive or neutral. One classic example is the difference between “mother” and “validated. The mother makes a positive connotation, while the governor makes a neutral connotation.

So when creating a company name, you need to select words with positive connotations and make sure that these connotations are suitable for your business.

For example, if you are going to start tracking, you should not put a weak or negative name such as “cat transport” or “willow branch trucking”. Finding a name with strong and reliable meanings is essential.

The name of the winning company should provide information about your business

It is certain that your business will not suddenly become a well-known brand like Nike, so your new business name should give your potential customers tips on what you do. For this reason, companies that do landscaping work add the word “landscape into their names and hairdressers add“ salon ”and even“ hair design im.

Giving information about your business also makes it easier for your potential customers and/or regular customers to find your business in the phone books.

The name of the winning company should be short

It is very important that the business name is short because your potential customers and regular customers should remember your business name. It is also very important in promotion objectives. For example, if you will be compatible with your business cards, signage, or advertising, and even operate online, you should find a domain name that will serve you well.

And the last tip:

Think about colors when choosing a business name. Colors will be the most important component of your business logo, other business promotional materials, and your website. Colors have strong emotional connotations. For example, red is an aggressive color, the element of exhilaration associated with speed, excitement, and passion. Green is a calming color and is associated with reproduction, renewal, and nature.

Find at least two or even three winning names because when you select one, you will need to complete the registration process, which is the next step, and your first choice may have already been taken.

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