What You Should Know About Restaurant Management

By | April 30, 2015

The restaurant is not easy to operate. Restaurant management requires dedication, diligence, and elegance. However, you can make your job easier with robust planning. You can do this in the best way by communicating well with your employees and customers.

Now let’s look at what you need to know about restaurant management.

Personnel Management

Train Your Employees:

One of the most important aspects of restaurant management is to provide training to your staff and to ensure their professional development. Well-educated and loving employees want to advance in their careers, which benefits both you and the restaurant. Showing them that you care about them will help you understand your expectations better.

So the point is, if anyone working in a restaurant is well-educated, you won’t be left behind even when you’re not in the restaurant. A certain quality standard is achieved.

Trust Your Staff:

A relationship of mutual respect makes restaurant management easier. If you trust your employees, their confidence will increase and they will try to add more value to the restaurant.

For example:

you can have your waiters take the initiative to deal with minor complaints. Of course, you need to determine at which point they will take initiative and at which point they will consult you.

Motivate Your Employees:

You must motivate your employees to get maximum efficiency. To do this, for example, you can get their opinion on restaurant developments. So, when you think about adding new dishes to the menu, you should ask your employees.

You should be in constant communication with them, allowing everyone to express their thoughts, suggestions, and problems. All employees have a share in the success and failure of the restaurant, so you should give them the feeling that you are together on a günde good day, bad day ”.

Support Your Staff:

Taking care of the special situations of your employees allows you to establish a healthy and happy relationship. For example, it is important that you arrange the working hours of an employee who has just given birth and provide convenience to your university student employees during class and exam times. So you should try to be flexible and make your employees feel a sense of solidarity.

In such a healthy environment, your employees are more willing to work overtime to make up for each other’s working hours. Working in a solidarity environment gives everyone more peace. A peaceful working environment in the service sector passes the same peace of mind to customers. After all, everyone benefits

Set Specific Rules:

Make certain rules for the daily operations of your restaurant. These rules are references that determine the quality standard of the restaurant. They don’t make sense unless you follow the rules.

Take Care of Inventory Management: To manage an efficient restaurant, you need to master inventory management. You should check stock every week and calculate what is used at the end of the week. It is also good to identify two staff in charge of inventory control. One count while the other records.

Follow Meals and Service: As an operator, you should observe the food prepared, the behavior of the waiters and the reactions of the customers. It is more useful to see the whole view from a distance rather than intervening one to one.

Having well-trained employees can make you feel comfortable in small details. If you can’t keep up with your daily business, you may not have time for strategic issues such as marketing and business development. So watch everything, but don’t get involved.

Communication with Customers

Learn from Mistakes:

No matter how good your meals and service are, you may occasionally hear complaints from customers. When dealing with such problems, remember that every complaint is actually an opportunity. Because the complaint means feedback. After that, if you do not repeat the situation complained by that customer, you will eliminate an issue.

So try to be positive and constructive when dealing with customers’ problems. As long as you learn from your mistakes, you will have a perfect restaurant step by step.

Know Listening and Apologizing:

If a customer has a complaint, listen to it eagerly. Go to the customer’s desk, greet them and find out what the problem is.

Immediately deal with problems:

Once you understand the customer’s problem, take immediate action and eliminate the problem. For example, if the customer wants the meat to be cooked in a different way, tell the chefs in the kitchen. Or, if that is not the case, offer another meal on the menu.

When resolving a customer’s complaint, you can order something extra for that person. So you can get a discount on this person’s account or order a free dessert and drink.

Even if you do not make sense of the customer’s wishes, still try to keep that person’s heart and make a positive impression. Remember, the customer in the service industry is always right.

Don’t Care Your Online Presence:

You should take a look at the comments written about your restaurant on the internet as well as the complaints of customers in the restaurant. Remember that people read reviews about this place, especially from places like Foursquare and tomato before going to a place. Therefore, respond positively or negatively to your restaurant on the internet in a professional and respectful manner.

You can designate an employee responsible for social media management and ask him or her to check your image in the virtual world on a daily basis. There are also applications that send you notifications when a new comment is written about your restaurant on promotional sites. You can also benefit from such applications.

Management Strategies

Prepare a Management Plan: The first step in running a restaurant successfully is to prepare a comprehensive management plan. The duties of each of your employees should be clearly defined and measures should be taken to ensure communication and solidarity within the enterprise.

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