Why Is Your Restaurant Concept Important?

By | January 12, 2016

The concept of a restaurant is often defined as culinary styles – such as fast food, fast, casual, quality food, gastropubs, fusion kitchens, concepts for lovers of the neighborhood and sports. Other popular concepts include family restaurants, bistros, cafes, buffets, medium-sized food and beverage, and mobile food vans. However, even a short Google survey will show that there are dozens of pizza restaurants, burger venues and different franchises anywhere in the world.

Competition is indeed very violent.

Therefore, it is important to better define the concept of your restaurant. This is similar to using the right long keywords for organic searches. Customers can generically specify their food preferences as “organic vegetarian pizza” instead of “pizza”. You can position and improve your concept to be an ideal choice for potential customers looking for specific food, service and atmosphere standards.

Differentiating Your Food Business Using a Concept or Theme:

It is important to define your concept before you start restaurant development. If you change the concept later, you may need to restart the planning process and make significant changes to the menu, décor, service standards and advertising strategy. As you work through the details of your restaurant planning, you should choose the elements that complement your concept and theme. The areas you need to plan to coordinate your concept are:

Finding food names to reflect the concept of the restaurant:

Choice of dining room décor for concept and targeted customers. Supply food for your concepts, such as selecting and producing low-cost processed foods, organic foods or high-quality meats from field to table suppliers
Use electronic signs, art, dining room flours and physical signs to reflect your concept.

Train waiters on wines for quality food service and train your staff to ensure an appropriate level of service

Naming the restaurant to highlight your concept:

The most important problem is to make your menu appeal to customers. Other key management issues to promote your concept include:

Meet customer expectations by applying the dress code rules required for quality food businesses.
Consider the menu as your basic document, so you can refer to it when making other decisions.
Deliver a consistent experience on every visit.
Plan special events in line with the concept.
Some restaurants offer separate dining experiences in different parts of the restaurant, and bars often offer a different concept than dining halls. However, you should make these differences compatible with other prices such as affordable prices, farm-to-table concept, food without additives, gourmet preparations.

Dining experience according to restaurant concept

Choosing a Concept, Your restaurant concept is basically how your restaurant works. This price includes a menu, interior design, seating style, service, and atmosphere. Successful concepts include the following ideas:

Eating, cooking and ordering in a relaxed atmosphere with standard service
Shorter menu and lower prices to produce faster service with faster menu and lower prices
Fine restaurants combining haute cuisine and low prices with fewer facilities than traditional chic restaurant businesses
Fast food restaurants with self-service items in unique spaces, often designed as buses, rail cars or trams
Street food in food trucks, trailers, cabins, and wagons
Fast food options including pizza restaurants, sausage shops, kebab places, burger restaurants, buffets, prepared foods, breakfast places, and other fast food options

In fine dining restaurants, the kitchen and foreground staff often work together to create a high-end customer dining experience. The name of the dish, sourcing suppliers, presentation, food quality, lighting, and furniture all together offer a connected dining experience.

Putting a Unique Brand on a Concept

Mashups are becoming more and more popular and the trend from the nouveau cuisine in the 1980s has grown dramatically. This food trend has focused on a mashed of classic French techniques, creativity and local ingredients available. Today’s mashups match the cooking techniques, ingredients, atmosphere, and service. For example, you can serve burgers, hot dogs and French fries on candlelight and tablecloths for couples or gourmet food in a picnic basket. As long as there is a potential, any fusion is possible when there are cooking ability and determination to succeed. You can create a unique restaurant experience using your creativity and cross-culinary skills.

Unique Restaurants in the World

Highly creative concepts can be transformed from small restaurants and creative ideas into international culinary destinations. By trying to be unique enough to attract a core group of customers – even if it is only local – you can achieve remarkable success. Aaronallen.com recently released a list of European restaurants with unique concepts:

Dark restaurant

Berlin’s Nocti Vagus serves dinner in the dark and in the restaurant of the staff on blind or visually impaired servers. The concept enhances other senses such as loss of sensation and taste. Food is more noticeable and the aromas and sounds of sizzling plates enhance the dining experience beyond the extraordinary when you sit in the dark.

Volcano Grid

Lanzarote, a Spanish island, uses the volcano for more than tourism. El Diablo restaurant is actually actively cooking on a volcano hole.

Futuristic Dining

Baggers restaurant in Germany has an important place in this race. The restaurant offers self-service and full service by arranging for customers to place their orders on touch screens. The meal arrives on roller coaster tracks. The future is now for entrepreneurs with forward-looking restaurant concepts.

A Unique Concept Research

If you don’t research the concept, your idea might go in the wrong direction. This includes pairing the kitchen with the local demographics, selecting a viable place and examining costs. Other aspects of your research should include:

A unique and attractive concept makes your restaurant stand out and offers potential partners an easy way to find your business with unique keyword combinations. Your concept should be a primary tool for branding your restaurant with your ideal customer.

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